Project Overview

Name: Ourdailydua - Onboarding Process

Description: Created an onboarding process for a first-time user signing up to the Ourdailydua mobile app, which aims to empower users to embrace the spiritual essence of Islam through personalized dua recommendations, daily reminders, and authentic supplications from the Quran.

Target Audience: Muslims who are new to the religion or people looking to learn about Islam, as well as users seeking prayer times, a compass to find Mecca, and other related features.

Problem Statement

Many individuals, especially those who are new to Islam or seeking to learn about the religion, face challenges in their daily lives when it comes to embracing the spiritual essence of Islam. They struggle with finding personalized dua recommendations, remembering daily supplications, and accessing authentic supplications from the Quran. This lack of guidance and accessibility hinders their ability to fully engage with their faith and experience the benefits of regular dua practice.

Goals and Objectives

1. Streamline the onboarding process for new users, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience from the moment they sign up for the Ourdailydua app.

2. Communicate the purpose, benefits, and key functionalities of the app effectively during the onboarding process, ensuring users have a clear understanding of what the app offers.

3. Engage new users through interactive and informative elements within the onboarding process, fostering a positive initial experience and increasing user retention.

4. Facilitate user familiarity and ease of use by providing guided steps and clear instructions, reducing any potential confusion or barriers to entry during the onboarding process.

By focusing on these goals, the Ourdailydua app aims to create a welcoming and informative onboarding process that enables new users to quickly understand and engage with the app's features, increasing their likelihood of becoming active and regular users.

Design Process

1. Wireframing: Created wireframes in Figma to visualize the flow and structure of the onboarding process, focusing on intuitive navigation and clear information hierarchy.

2. Low-Fidelity Mockups: Developed low-fidelity mockups to explore different design concepts, ensuring a minimalist and clean aesthetic aligned with the app's branding.

3. Create high-fidelity mockups with a minimalist design. Define visual elements and branding. Develop interactive prototypes for user testing.

I kickstarted my design process by creating wireframe sketches for the onboarding process of the Ourdailydua app. These sketches allowed me to explore various layout options and user flow possibilities. Once satisfied with the initial concepts, I seamlessly translated them into low-fidelity mockups using Figma. These mockups served as a tangible representation of the onboarding screens, enabling me to evaluate the overall structure and identify areas for improvement. This iterative approach helped me gain a better understanding of what elements needed to be added or refined to enhance the user experience. By visualizing and refining the onboarding process through wireframes and low-fidelity mockups, I ensured that the final design would effectively guide new users and provide them with a smooth and engaging introduction to the Ourdailydua app.

After finalising the wireframes, I created high-fidelity mockups that align with the app's branding guidelines, maintaining a clean and minimalist design. I carefully defined a cohesive colour palette, typography, and visual elements to ensure a seamless integration with the overall look and feel of the Ourdailydua app. Utilising prototyping tools like Figma, I developed interactive prototypes to comprehensively test the onboarding process and simulate the user experience.

Next Steps

Moving forward, my next steps will involve seeking valuable feedback from stakeholders, fellow designers, and potential users. This feedback will be instrumental in refining the visual design and interactions of the onboarding screens, ultimately resulting in a polished and visually appealing final design. By adopting an iterative approach and incorporating user feedback, I am confident that the high-fidelity mockups and prototypes will deliver a captivating and seamless user experience for new users of the Ourdailydua app.

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